BeMo Balance NotePad | A Desktop Planner for Mindful Planning - BeMo Journal
BeMo Balance NotePad | A Desktop Planner for Mindful Planning - BeMo Journal
BeMo Balance NotePad | A Desktop Planner for Mindful Planning - BeMo Journal

BeMo Balance NotePad | A Desktop Planner for Mindful Planning


The BeMo Balance Notepad isn't just about listing tasks—it's about mindful planning by aligning actions with Needs. Visualize the Balance between "Need for" and your "Need to." Empower yourself to naturally set boundaries. Journey to a balanced, fulfilling life. Crafted with high-quality, 100gsm / 68 lb. white wood-free paper. The BeMo Balance Pad comes with a full how-to guide. 'Plan Differently' by applying core elements from The BeMo Practice.

The BeMo Notepad offers an integrated, mindful approach to setting daily, needs-based intentions. Plan differently with the BeMo Balance Notepad. Let BeMo be your guide for creating daily balance.


  • How-To Instructions and Examples: Comprehensive back-page directions for using the notepad in tandem with The BeMo Practice. Learn how to engage in mindful planning by focusing on your needs and being mindful of your emotional landscape.
  • Nutrition & Movement Tracking: Creative icons for tracking water intake, nourishing plant-based meals, stretches, and mood—serving as reminders for bodily needs alongside emotional ones.
  • Easy Tear-Off Line: Designed for convenience, making removing sheets easy and making room for new thoughts and plans.
  • Simple Self-Soothing Sage Green Header: Each sheet carries the same elegant design, ensuring a uniform and pleasant planning experience.

Why Is Mindful Planning Valuable?

The BeMo Balance Pad transforms your approach to daily planning by shifting the focus from 'doing' to 'being.' Create a natural support system against stress and burnout by aligning actions with needs. This mindful planning ritual will help you manage life’s ups and downs. Find a harmonious balance between life's 'Need To's' and your own 'Need for.'

What Makes The BeMo Balance Pad Unique?

The BeMo Balance Pad is a one-of-a-kind tool that integrates emotional well-being into the very fabric of daily planning. Creator Cassandra Stark, who brought you The BeMo Journal, extends her philosophy of emotional balance and self-care to the realm of daily tasks and responsibilities. The BeMo Balance Notepad was created out of a long-term need for balance and the choice to combat hypervigilance and reactive coping behaviors that led to helplessness, confusion, and ultimate burnout. With sections like "Today, I have a need for..." and unique features for decision-making, the BeMo Balance Pad is more than a notepad; it’s your daily ritual for emotional balance and well-being.

Plan with BeMo and unlock a life that honors your responsibilities and emotional needs.

The BeMo Balance Pad is an ideal companion to The BeMo Journal, offering a holistic approach to emotional well-being and self-care. Use them together to create an all-encompassing practice that leads you to a balanced, fulfilling life.

Unwind burnout. Take your FUNCK Practice to a new level with the BeMo balance Notepad.

  • Plan differently
  • Prioritize your "Need for"
  • Move beyond "need to"
  • Feel successful & productive in new ways
  • Focus on your health
  • Encourage yourself
  • Don't over-commit
  • End your day with a Simple Summary of gratitude, mindfulness, and hope

Color: Self-Soothing Sage
Binding: Tear-off sheets
Product Finish: Matte
Page Count: 60 pages/120 sheets
Paper Type: 100gsm
Size: 8 x 11

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BeMo Balance NotePad | A Desktop Planner for Mindful Planning

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