An Intro to Our Self-Therapy Process

The BeMo Practice

an intro to out self-therapy process



Getting Started: The BeMo Journal & Practice

BeMo is a personal journey of unlocking self-awareness through daily practice; to inspire people to BeMo for themselves.
The BeMo Practice allows you to be where you are now, so you can discover where you want to go.  The foundations of The BeMo Practice can be done in three easy-to-remember steps that begin to show up with you, behind the scenes.




Learn How To Use Each Part Of Your BeMo Journal

Navigate through the tabs below to learn more about BeMo Journal features and practices.


Index & Tracking

Every BeMo Journal includes an index and tracking page. Get a month-long snapshot of how things stack up. Start or end your BeMo process by tracking key elements of your day.

Utilize the index and tracking pages at the front of your BeMo to track what you want and how you want.

See the bigger picture. For example, see how your sleep, mood, and weather align with how often you argue in the sample image below.

Tracking is optional but recommended.

Set up your Tracking & Index pages by circling the month you’re currently on and utilizing the numbers across the top of the page to signify the date of that month.
Get creative with how you track.  Draw icons, use color, indicate page numbers, or simply use a checkmark. Make it your own.

All BeMo Journals have numbered pages for easy reference to topics.
Pro Tips:  

  • Need less space?If you don’t need all three months, separate what you’re tracking.  For example, mood and exercise in your first spread, and BeMo topics here.
  • Need more space? Split the page in half for twice the tracking space, or utilize additional dot pages in your journal for extra tracking space.

Example Index & Tracking Example

In this example, this journaler can derive that a rainy day and poor sleep may lead to arguments. As such, they signified the next day to talk to their therapist about those feelings they expressed and worked through on page 15. All BeMo Journals have numbered pages for easy reference.

Page Numbers

Your BeMo Journal includes page umbers to easily refer to specific moments or events by adding page numbers to your Tracking & Indexing pages, as seen in the example below.

Dotted Pages

Dotted Pages to be creative. Highlight important events. Track travel dates. Add a quote. Doodle or draw. These pages are just for you.

Feeling & Needs Guide or Wheels

Feelings & Needs Guide to articulate your Feelings and better understand your Needs as you work through FUNCK.

Feelings & Needs Wheels to identify the word most related to your feeling or need. Follow relevant words inward or outward to better define and understand the complexity of your feelings or needs. Find what serves you.

Things to Forget Pages

Things To Forget pages to leave those pesky to-do’s you think of while journaling behind (literally). These pages are in the back of your journal. By leaving these reminders behind, you build trust with yourself and learn to set need-based boundaries. Let your BeMo time be a form of self-care in the practice of stillness. Practice overcoming distractions by encouraging yourself to be here now. Honor this time. Overcome “need to” and give yourself this time to understand your “need for.”

BeMo Extras

Feeling extra FUNCK-E? Rotate through BeMo Extra topics as needed for additional clarity and support. Choose what you need when you need it. BeMo Extras can be a stand-alone topic or added into the middle of a practice. Either way, be sure to end with Positives. Challenge yourself to visit these topics regularly. Be as Extra as you need to be.

BeMo Best Practices

Our brains are more capable of accepting and working on self-awareness after waking up and before bed.  Choose one of these times to focus on your personal growth and try to show up for yourself at the same time each day.



Advance Your BeMo Practice

Learn to understand how to live a needs-centered life.
Overcome negative BS (Belief Systems) that say you “need to.”





Go From "Feel & Deal" to "Feel & Heal"

The practice gives you a simple toolbox of how to process your thoughts, be in the moment, let go of human doing and understand human being.

The journaling process encourages you to challenge the “need to” – to be happy, to be successful, to share, to discover, to dream, to plan – and realize the “need for” – change, renewal, hope, and safety.

Daily repetition allows users to reprogram subconscious behaviors that misfire as a stress response. Moving through this three-step practice will enable users to regulate emotions and self-soothe.

Over time, your practice will naturally advance to deeper insight allowing you to identify and work through limiting beliefs – providing the necessary information to break through walls and live a more secure life.

BeMo enables you to overcome, discover, plan with purpose, voice your truths, understand, and solidify what you desire.

Start with where you are now. Choose what you want to talk about. Dare to ask yourself how you’re really doing. Advance to overcome any negative BS (belief systems) that stand in the way. Utilize the tools within to allow yourself to work through your truth as it unfolds.

Your practice begins to show up with you every day, behind the scenes. As you practice, you’ll begin to change in ways you did not expect.

Feel empowered through practice. Let BeMo be your guide.


Add More Know-ing To Your BeMo Journal Practice