Find Your Story

Find Your Story

The stories we tell are evidence of the emotional truths behind our Needs. Unearth your truth with BeMo's FUNCK Method - learn to identify and sit with your feelings and discover the truths behind your need for...

Crafted for Emotional Wellbeing

Crafted for Emotional Wellbeing

Elevate your self-care routine with BeMo Journal's structured guide for healing. Engage in emotional healing and mindfulness. Featuring 200 lined pages in a vegan leather cover, this journal gives you the tools & the space to grow.

Achieve Balance in Your Life

Achieve Balance in Your Life

Discover how BeMo's FUNCK Method helps you identify and meet your true needs for a balanced, fulfilling life.

Build Secure Attachment

Build Secure Attachment

Unlock your true potential and experience emotional freedom. Use BeMo's FUNCK Method to explore and understand your core needs, leading to greater self-awareness and personal fulfillment.

Renurture Your Past

Renurture Your Past

Heal old wounds and rewrite your story with BeMo's transformative techniques, fostering growth and resilience.

When Your Need is For...

When Your Need is For...

healing, space, & transformative self-care

Confidently Communicate

Confidently Communicate

The BeMo Journal is a structured communication practice that shows up for you wherever and however you are. Write it. Speak it. Share it.

Reclaim Your Power

Reclaim Your Power

Overcome trauma and step into your full potential with BeMo's unique approach to personal growth & empowerment.

Plan Differently, Live Fully

Plan Differently, Live Fully

Discover how BeMo helps you plan your life with intention, mindfulness, and purpose.

Foster Understanding

Foster Understanding

Learn to manage anxiety, understand yourself and others, and communicate effectively with BeMo's techniques.

Feel. Deal. Reveal. Heal.

Feel. Deal. Reveal. Heal.

Add more to your Knowing with The BeMo Practice

Thank you for this. It's a way for me to connect with my family and that was my Need ❤️ - Victoria, Miami, FL I love it ! especially on days where I struggle knowing what I want to write about I just follow it and feel great afterwards. - Jose I feel GREAT! I had a lot more clarity because I was able to identify FAR more than as if I just did a journal dump. There was MORE to it than just writing. It was intentional, helped me be more curious (I'm repeating myself here, but I loved this part!) and AWARE of what my thoughts and feelings really were! - Leslie

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We develop innovative tools and practices that empower you to explore your emotions, foster awareness, and achieve a fulfilling life.

Build a self-care package from each of the Collections below
Cassandra Stark and her dog Isa



When The BeMo Practice first began to form, I didn't intend to create a product. Desperate to stop repeating behaviors that harmed my relationships and career, I needed something beyond therapy. My therapist would tell me, "Do it differently," but I always left asking, "Ya, but how?"

Living with C-PTSD and Disorganized/Fearful Attachment, I journaled every night, hoping to vent my frustrations. The change in me came after I created the FUNCK Method and The BeMo Practice. This structured approach allowed me to sit with and understand my stories, leading to profound personal growth.

Now, with a bold and secure confidence, I knew this was something I wanted to give to the world. For me, BeMo has been a gift, and now it's a gift I want to share with as many individuals as possible.

Join a journey of self-care & discovery, personal growth, and finding healing in the stories we keep.


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Love for BeMo

When your need is for hope & confidence.

The Magic of BeMo

When your need is for change & self-understanding.

Go from feel-and-deal to feel-and-heal

Unlock Your Inner Potential with BeMo

The BeMo Practice is a self-therapy journal that allows you to understand what it means to “feel your feelings” and instill secure, assertive behaviors through repetition and self-soothing.  Because healing isn’t one size fits all, BeMo created a practice that anyone can use – whether you write big, small, long, or short - The BeMo Journal holds the space for you.

At the center of The BeMo Practice is the FUNCK Method. Work through the FUNCK to self-soothe and regulate emotions. Over time, reveal moments of repetition, identify triggers and limiting beliefs, and uncover deeper, lifelong healing as you move through our identified stages of self-discovery and healing: Feel, Deal, Reveal, & Heal.

It’s not CBT. It’s not DBT. It’s new.

The magic of The BeMo Practice is that it can be combined with any therapy, class, or workbook. We’ve created the guide to be used in any space you Need for hearing, seeing, and Knowing yourself. Use this practice alongside the things that inspire you and bring curiosity to your life.

Take your personal growth and healing journey to a new level with this transformative practice. Process emotions & let go of limiting beliefs with The BeMo Journal & Guide.

Connect with & Communicate your Needs first with your Self

About The BeMo Practice

Healing isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we’ve included a guide to The BeMo Practice – a transformative self-awareness and needs discovery journey that meets you wherever you are - for discovery, for awareness, for understanding, for overcoming, for healing, for growth, for transformation.



Easily tap into feelings, reflect on needs, and identify limiting beliefs. Work to overcome BS (belief systems) that hold you back from Becoming your authentic, empowered, secure Self. You can add this tool to your BeMo Journal to advance your self-therapy journal practice. For clarity, for comfort, for consistency, for connection.

BeMo's Self-Awareness Journaling Practice is a Breakthrough Structured Approach to Feeling & Healing

The BeMo Journal Practice is a daily self-discovery and awareness practice created by BeMo’s Creative Founder & author, Cassandra Stark.  Based on tried and true Psychology, your self-awareness journaling practice will begin to feel like milestones of freedom and self-understanding.  You’ll move forward with the tools to face and overcome past traumatic events, present situations, and anxiety about the future.  Every BeMo Journal comes with a guide to The BeMo Practice.  Tap into your ability to show up, self-soothe, and move forward securely.  

Add More Know-ing To Your BeMo Journal Practice

Work Through the FUNCK

Feeling funky can pump you up or bring you down. Keep more days upbeat by practicing presence to feel your feelings before they get the best of you. Work through what’s negative or celebrate the positive. Build emotional security through greater self-awareness.

The BeMo Journal is for change, for discovery, for awareness, for understanding, for overcoming, for healing, for growth, for transformation

This is so huge. You have no idea but the timing of this in my life is extraordinary. Especially the part about retelling the same story to ourselves. I need to change. I want to change. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Good morning

I can see through the layers of my most authentic self.

Through the layers of Self

Enjoying my morning writing sessions with my new BeMo Journal.

Working On Renurturing with The Advanced BeMo Practice

I love the color choices. Everything is very calming and modern. I've excited for this.

A Calm Feel In my Heart & In My Hands

Ordered! This all looks so awesome and I am excited to try it out.

- Private BeMo Journaler

I'll give it a go! My psychologist just recommended that I start a gratitude journal as I'm trying to refocus my thoughts away from health issues and toward the good things in my life.

First Time Journaler

I'm so excited! This is such a great idea to help with mental health and just everyday life. To enjoy the good and work through the bad through journaling! The colors were all so cute it was hard to decide which one! The website was so easy to go through. So simple and fast!

- Ashley, BeMo Journaler
BeMo Basic Journal, BeMo Pocket Guide