Frequently Asked Questions

Why is BeMo recommended as a daily practice?

The BeMo Practice is a daily journaling practice.  The number of sentences or pages doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you allow yourself the space to show up and hear yourself as often as you can.    

We frequently get stuck in a mode of journaling on bad days or journaling for prosperity, leaving a lot of our thoughts unheard.  BeMo encourages you to journal as frequently as possible.  A daily practice will prepare you to navigate the worst of times and remember the best of times – both of which are necessary to build your emotional toolkit by solidifying more Positives into what you Know.

What time of day should I BeMo?

Our brains are more capable of accepting and working on self-awareness after waking up and before bed. Choose one of these times to focus on your personal growth and try to show up for yourself at the same time every day.

Where do I start? I don't know what to write about.

BeMo can be about anything you want.  The BeMo Practice is a self-therapy practice to greater overall awareness of self and what that means when you are being with anyone and doing anything, anywhere.  The simple three step practice can be applied to a moment in time and it can be applied to the past.  The BeMo Practice can be applied to working through and working toward.  Your practice is a discussion between yourself and the page as you constantly explore what it is you need.  Use BeMo to plan your day or to let go of meticulous planning entirely.  Use BeMo to advance your career or bravely walk away.  Use BeMo to work through relationships with yourself, partners, bosses, neighbors, and more.  At the core of all of it is you and what you need.

If you are struggling to get started, start there.  Bravely move forward willing to discuss on page one your feelings about journaling.  This is not an assignment.  No name needs to be attached.  No sentence structure needs to be considered.  Challenge yourself to flow with that topic:  Why is it hard for me to know what to say?  What is holding me back from filling this page right now?  Start there.

Once you’ve written everything you possibly can as your Brain Dump, move on to FUNCK and finish your practice with Positives.

The Brain Dump is often the hardest part.  Do your best.  If you absolutely don’t know what to say, there’s nothing wrong with moving on to work through the FUNCK of it.  How does not knowing what to say make you feel?  Try to find what it is really about by reversing the process.  FUNCK it out until you know what you have to say.  Give it time.  You’re here.  Continue to show up and be willing to be here now.  Let that be enough whether it’s one sentence or many pages.

How do I stay motivated?

Whether you hesitate to keep journaling because you’re hitting a rough patch in discovery and awareness or you struggle to know what to write about because every day feels the same, these are both some of the most important times to keep going.

Remember your why.  Remember what it is that brought you to your BeMo Journal to begin with.  Was it self-discovery?  Self-help?  Self-awareness?  Was it to learn how to emotionally regulate?  Overcome trauma?  Move on from neglect?  Was it to plan more effectively? Make an informed decision?  Or was it to show up for yourself?  Learn to self-soothe?  Implement a self-care practice that serves you in whatever way you need it to. 

Truth is, showing up on the days that seem the hardest, when new information seems to be growing darker or living on repeat is a chance to see yourself, see through the repetition, and break through!  The way the upstairs and downstairs brain work together can feel like monsters coming out of the closet.  Hold on.  Don’t push it.  But also try not to hide from it.  Allow.  Your mind is repeating dark stories and themes because it has more to show you.  The BeMo Practice helps you grow your light so you can shine it, when you’re ready to see more.

Just the same, feeling like your life is on repeat with boring, every day things – homework, dishes, laundry, work – this is an opportunity to challenge yourself.  Ask yourself why these things matter?  Challenge your “have to” and “should” speak around these moments.  Why are you doing homework?  Why are you going to this job?  Why does the laundry have to be done now?  Challenge yourself to see if you’re keeping your life in stasis in order to avoid something else.  Challenge yourself to understand if you’re keeping your life in stasis because of feelings around change. 

Whether you feel you are on the darkest timeline of your life or living in boring monotony, these are opportunities to grow.  Immensely!

Why BeMo? How is The BeMo Practice different?

BeMo is a purposeful practice.  Allowing yourself the time and space for self-discovery and awareness is important for good days, bad days and every day in-between.   You’ll soon discover that journaling on those nothing-here-to-see days can be the most powerful.  Each day offers the opportunity for insight.

The power behind BeMo is to be able to tap into how you are feeling.  By repeating this process, you’re learning to self-soothe, trust your resilience, and build a foundation of safety and security from within. 

As trust and safety from within expands, your ability to see, hear, and know your subconscious thoughts and behaviors will surface in new ways.  With each new layer, your practice will allow you to reprogram subconscious thoughts and negative BS (belief systems) leading to a more secure sense of being and living.

What are BeMo Extras?

BeMo Extra topics are there to help you gain more clarity and support you as an addition to the foundations of The BeMo Practice.  

BeMo Extras are recommended as needed when you’re feeling extra FUNCK-E.  Dedicate a fresh page to your chosen BeMo Extra topic.  BeMo Extras will best serve you when done between your FUNCK and Positives.  Use this time to gain more clarity with topics such as 5 Whys and What If’s, or ground yourself with empowering postive practices like Gratitude and I Get To’s. 

Add More Know-ing To Your BeMo Journal Practice