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Self-Therapy & Soothing

Start with where you are now. Recognize how to tap into how you are feeling. Be mindful of vocabulary and your inner voice. Define needs over "need to's."

Self-Awareness & Discovery

Find bravery through consistency. Learn to tap into the information your body & mind are giving you through daily practice.

Renurturing & Emotional Healing

Know that you have everything you need in this practice to bravely confront your inner voice, soothe your inner child, and travel your emotional landscape.

Creative Founder & Author Of The BeMo Practice

Cassandra Stark

BeMo started as a very personal journey for me. My goal is to help individuals discover a deeper understanding of themselves, so they can have the relationship they dream of, the career they want, and the lifestyle they desire. I want to break the cycle of "needing to..." and help others understand what they truly need. I want people to Be Impossible - to get loud at the right things and be angry with the right people! I want to instill in others a change through self-discovery and a power in self-awareness, unlike anything they've ever known. Let's break the cycle of adding more to our plate, planning to do more because somehow that is better. That is BS (a belief system)! Let's unwind until we can safely rewind. Let's stop skipping ahead. Let's find the ability, together, to be here now in the moment with whatever it is we are facing and KNOW without a doubt that we are ok - as we are, in this moment.

Go from feel-and-deal to feel-and-heal

We all want a sense of connection – to a special someone, a meaningful career, choices we are making, and the things we aim to do. The practice of hearing, seeing, and knowing ourselves often surfaces “more.” More confusion. More questioning. More understanding. More to it. And discovering how, what, where, and when all begins with bravely asking why and allowing ourselves the safety and security to tell our truth.

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Learning & Courses

Walk through how to set up a new BeMo Journal and the Psychology behind this daily journaling practice.

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Coffeeshop Confessionals from The BeMo Practice author Cassandra Stark. Watch her work through her Renurturing Practice and offer advice from your shared content and questions.

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Success Stories

"I often feel pretty aimless when starting a new journal, and tend to just braindump. That has it's time and place, but I really like the structure that FUNCK guide provides. Also I like the emphasis and giving yourself action statements and ending things on a positive note. Especially as a big journaling goal of mine is to build up self-love. "
Seattle, WA

"I like the way it helps me look at what I might have been feeling in past experiences and recognize feelings and needs. I liked being able to address past needs in the current moment. It is amazing how powerful that is!"
Salt Lake City, Utah

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