BeMo Practice Book


The BeMo Practice: Heal From Your Past, Ditch The Task List, Imagine Your Future

Go from feel-and-deal to feel-and-heal with the BeMo Practice.  Sure to be a best-seller, the BeMo Book will be available soon.

The BeMo Practice checks productivity at the door. Instead, it encourages you to ask yourself what it is you’re avoiding, what it is you’re afraid of, and why you tend to arrive in this all-too-familiar place repeatedly as a comfort zone when it is anything but comfortable for you!  As a result, you’ll forget about goals of stretching your days into impossible task lists or integrating happiness tools into your self-care routine because it will all come to you naturally. 

Dare to feel the roads you repeatedly travel without feeling obligated to repave them or to veer in an entirely new direction, only to find yourself in a familiar rut on another byway. 

As you travel through your own mindscape with your BeMo in hand, you’ll begin to see there are no roads, only possibilities.  Go where you want, when you want.  Live freely, authentically, and securely.


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About the Author

The BeMo practice started as a personal journey for Creative Founder and author Cassandra Stark. After decades of on-and-off psychotherapy, she returned to her roots of studying essential elements of psychology – communication, sleep, CBT, CBT-i, DBT, attachment theory, behavior, and belief systems. After years of implementing studies into her daily journal practice, BeMo was born.

Caz is ride-or-die with her partner, Stark, and is fur-Mom to what she considers the world’s cutest dog, Isa.  

Her career includes over a decade in the Music Industry before pivoting to the C-Suite life as a Marketing Executive for various startups. 

She enjoys traveling with the excuse to eat.  She happily considers herself a coffee and wine snob, although her foodie background includes an array of worldwide fast foods.  She has traveled to over 55 countries and all 50 States.

While BeMo is new on the scene, Caz’s personal growth hacking and psychological topics are long on her mind.  

About The BeMo Practice

The BeMo Practice is backed by popular neuroscience and psychology. By slowing down, recognizing our emotions, and unearthing negative BS (belief systems), we can move through FUNCK (feelings, you, need, can, know) and reprogram our subconscious thoughts and automatic behaviors through repetition and practice. Repetition allows us to nurture and replace negative beliefs with secure beliefs. Doing this will allow you to change every area of your life – self, family, friends, career – at your own pace, in your own time.

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