An Intro to Our Self-Therapy Process

The Advanced BeMo Practice

identify limiting beliefs & learn to overcome


The BeMo Renurturing Practice

BeMo is for everyone. As you practice, you’ll discover the foundations of BeMo can be applied to planning your day with need-based intentions, improving how you communicate needs in your relationships or leading others with open-minded understanding.   To go further with this practice, author and Creative Founder Cassandra Stark has developed the BeMo Renurturing Guide & Program.


Notice Repetition Happening Today

Identify Past & Present BS (Belief Systems)

Realizing & Overcoming

Advancing Your BeMo Journal Practice

The BeMo Basics are required before an Advanced BeMo Practice can be put into place.  Applying BeMo Basics to everyday life helps to create safety in Knowing your strength, Knowing your enoughness, and Knowing that you have already practiced working through a variety of emotions and begun to discover triggers.  Advanced BeMo users can learn to identify negative BS (belief systems) that have shown up as misfired coping mechanisms from experiences in the past.   The Advanced BeMo Practice encourages you to challenge reprogramming automatic behaviors and negative BS (belief systems) by turning BS into Knowing and overcoming previous forms of survival to thrive.

What is BeMo Renurturing Practice?

The Advanced BeMo Practice is referred to as the BeMo Renurturing Practice.

BeMo’s renurturing is a self-therapy technique that allows you to unlearn communication and behavior patterns first learned in childhood. These patterns are known as automatic coping mechanisms learned to survive. These coping mechanisms become a core part of the BS (belief systems) learned as children and are negatively reinforced throughout our lives as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Renurturing allows you to let go of the BS that no longer serves you and the repeated behaviors that get you nowhere.

Renurturing is based on reparenting psychotherapies and inner-child work. 

How Does Renurturing Help? 

Renurturing will help you:

  • Understand history is not destiny.
  • Uncover an automatic self-soothing behavior
    and feelings of safety.
  • Build independence and autonomy with
    courage and self-confidence.
  • Step beyond your comfort zones and show up for yourself more often.
  • Explore courageously to venture further in life
    with proper attention and care.

Knowing When You Are Ready to Advance Your BeMo Journal Practice

Advancing The BeMo Practice requires that you have learned and applied the foundations of The BeMo Practice to your life and now, as a result, you have naturally started to identify the storylines that repeat for you. 

For example, if you find that you are repeatedly triggered by a similar situation or that you are having the same fights with loved ones over-and-over again, that awareness and willingness to see these factors as repetitions in your life means that you are opening up to wanting to Know more.   

However, a BeMo Renurturing Practice can be incredibly overwhelming and triggering as anything is when you begin too much, too soon.  That is why it is imperative to ensure that you are ready to dig deeper.  Simply put, you know you are ready when you find yourself already doing this deeper within yourself, naturally.

To ensure that you can move forward safety, we want you to confidently Know:

  • I know I have discovered so much about myself and really begun to understand more about my triggers and/or repeating factors in my life. 
  • I know I can sit in stillness and feel safe in discomfort. I am capable of finding and meeting my own  foundational need for safety.
  • I know I have found willingness to allow.
  • I know I am open to discovery and the journey of wherever that takes me.

Stillness, willingness, and discovery automatically opens the psychological pathways required for an Advanced BeMo Journal Practice.

Learn more about the aspects of each in the additional tabs.


As you work through BeMo Basics, you’re naturally creating a greater sense of self-awareness while providing yourself with the core need of love, growth, and certainty.  You begin to do this by showing up for yourself, allowing yourself to be seen seen, heard, understood, and SAFE.  The ability to self-soothe and empower yourself to create your own emotional safe space will allow your subconscious to deliver more information in deeper layers.  


When you reach this point, you may find yourself repeating “same old same” stories with a newer, deeper perspective and understanding of your unmet needs at the time.  This is an indication that you have moved beyond The BeMo Practice of feeling and healing in the present moment, and now, your emotional, physical, and mental state is indicating that it is ready to start healing the past.  At this point, you’ll to understand that your Cans are not about what you could have/would have/should have done, and instead, your cans are how you can deal with it now that you understand you were not and are not responsible for childhood experiences of trauma and neglect. 

At this point, you’ve experienced awareness of tasking yourself and taking on responsibility.  You’ve learned, instead, to realize that everything you have (to do, to be, to know, to hold on to, to talk about) is a Choice, and everything you feel is Information. 

At the end of the day, your biggest Know is knowing you Can.  You can choose whatever serves you best at that moment.  You Can allow yourself to change how you feel and what you need.  Your journey becomes the experience of Knowing… more.

As you begin to safely ask yourself why with willingness and safety, you are naturally advancing your BeMo Practice.  


In the discovery of willingness to Know, you’ll find the courage to dig deeper and have an even greater understanding of yourself and those around you. This is where understanding negative BS (belief systems) becomes an important next step. 

Understanding negative BS allows you to better recognize unmet needs and show up for yourself both here and then with a deeper understanding.

BeMo offers emotions, needs, and negative beliefs glossaries and wheels to better understand how each of these areas align. 

Beginning work on unmet needs requires digging into recurring events in your life that left you needing more.

To identify the BS (belief systems) that no longer serves you, you must first ask yourself to recount stories and experiences to see how they show up in your life. The three most common negative belief systems are: unworthy, unlovable, and helpless.  “I am” or “They are” statements indicate that a core belief exists.  Now is the time to challenge those beliefs and find SECURITY by relaying a cohesive past, present, and future.

Discovering the BS in your life allows you to utilize the FUNCK practice to reprogram subconscious thoughts, move through, and live a better, more secure life.

Desire To Let Go

As you move through these natural phases of self-awareness in your own time, at your own pace, you’ll more easily be able to define and act on choices with a greater sense of security.  Acting and reacting from a secure base will become more natural to you.  Forgiving yourself for mistakes and imperfections will be a part of every day life without the emotional baggage.  To get there, you must have the desire to let go.  

Let go of that which no longer serves you.  Let go of negative BS (belief systems).  Let go of the relationships that discourage your growth and threaten your security.


If you are not there yet, don’t push yourself.  Pushing yourself through self-awareness and mental health discoveries often backfires in terrible, confusing ways.  Discovering more about neglect and trauma can result in denial, regression, or even deeper repression.  

In all things, be patient with yourself.  Be kind to yourself.  Allow your journey to take place in its own time.  Try to let go of the hyper-vigilance to “get through” and “get it done.”  Your only “job” is to meet your needs for mental, emotional, and physical safety.  The rest will come with time and repetition.


BeMo is a practice that aims to help individuals improve their emotional well-being and relationships by identifying and addressing unmet needs and negative belief systems.

The BeMo Renurturing Practice & Program, developed by author and Creative Founder Cassandra Stark, is an advanced program that helps users identify and reprogram negative belief systems that have developed as a result of past experiences.

Before starting an advanced BeMo practice, it is recommended that individuals have a solid understanding of the BeMo Basics and have established a sense of safety, willingness, and discovery in their lives.

BeMo offers resources such as emotions, needs, and negative beliefs glossaries and wheels to help users better understand these areas and identify negative BS that no longer serves them.

Follow the author and Creative Founder of BeMo as she shares her self-discovery and renurturing practice on her personal blog,


Renurturing Best Practices

  • Take care of yourself
  • Tread lightly
  • Stay grounded
  • Show up
  • Provide safety
  • See yourself
  • Be present
  • Be engaged
  • Show affection
  • Soothe & calm
  • Show empathy
  • Be patient
  • Allow

    Share with a therapist


About Renuturing

BeMo’s renurturing is a self-therapy technique that allows you to unlearn communication and behavior patterns first learned in childhood.  These patterns are known as automatic coping mechanisms learned to survive. These coping mechanisms become a core part of the BS (belief systems) learned as children and are negatively reinforced throughout our lives as a self-fulfilling prophecy.  There are two different types of Renurturing in The Advanced BeMo Practice. There is the act of renurturing – diving deep into the foundation of The BeMo Practice in approaching advanced topics – and the dedicated Renurturing journal meant to be a collection of You notes and Know-ing to help you meet your core Needs of being seen, heard, known, and safe.



The Advanced BeMo Practice for Renurturing

This practice encourages you to know your Attachment Style, identify the BS (belief systems) at play, and work to find a more cohesive, secure storyline of who and how you are – not just asking why but adding the why to your Know-ing.

Your Renurturing practice will help uncover your unmet needs as they relate to who and how you are today.

Throughout this process, the things you add to your Know-ing are not always pleasant but can be encouraging as you work to accept what you Need for your healing journey.

Doing this work happens in your current BeMo Journal as an advanced version of the foundational BeMo Practice. What makes it different from everyday writing is the willingness to approach topics from your past and understand how unmet needs affected your entire life. This work is hard. You can get through this!

The Renurturing Journal

The second renurturing practice is to collect encouraging You notes – to see yourself, know yourself, and show up for yourself.

Your renurturing journal is a letter to yourself. These notes to self allow you to show up for your younger self with understanding and compassion. This journal is an ongoing You note at the center of the FUNCK practice – a collection over time, about time. You get to acknowledge your story.

This personal journey will always be there for you as you uncover the storylines of those who did not show up for you. This renurturing practice is a collection of what it is you Need to confidently and securely be where you are now.  

Collecting notes in your BeMo Renurturing journal will give you a go-to positive reinforcement to help you feel seen, heard, and known. Pick up your Renurturing journal whenever you need reminders of your intrinsic worth or when dealing with a triggering event.


The renurturing practice allows you to realize (not rewrite) your past. The process does not absolve anyone of responsibility. Instead, it will enable you to hold the correct people responsible and absolve yourself of responsibility for things that happened to you and around you. What you do with that Know-ing determines how you move forward.

The BeMo Advanced Renurturing Practice is based on reparenting psychotherapies and inner-child work.

As you revisit a memory internally, in therapy, or through old journals, take a moment to open your journal and write to yourself. Acknowledge how you felt in the moment. Encourage yourself. Celebrate what you now Know through daring self-reflection and brave personal growth. Feel free to get creative. How you communicate within yourself is entirely up to you at every moment.

Renurturing allows you to let go of the BS (Belief Systems) that no longer serves you and the repeated behaviors that get you nowhere.

By revisiting these moments and linking them to repeated experiences from our past, we can eventually discover the root of these behaviors and the trauma or neglect that inflamed our belief systems. This process is the act of renurturing.

Add More Know-ing To Your BeMo Journal Practice