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BeMo Guided Journaling Classes, Events, & Retreats

Discover the transformative power of BeMo guided journaling events and retreats. Our sessions are designed to promote emotional resilience, self-discovery, and healing, connecting you with a supportive community and empowering your personal growth journey.


Build Connection

Instill A Healing Practice

Create a long lasting sense of soothing relaxation, self-care, and resilience with a guided BeMo Journaling session

Include BeMo at your Next Event or Retreat

Drive curiosity and enhance your event, workshop, or retreat with BeMo guided journaling sessions. Our practice is perfect for fostering emotional wellness, team building, and personal development.


Make a connection to your SELF

Event Goodies & Swag: Receive your very own luxury soft, vegan leather BeMo Journal.

Emotional Resilience: Develop the skills to manage stress and adversity.

Self-Discovery: Gain deeper insights into your thoughts and feelings.

Healing: Process past experiences and promote overall well-being.

Community: Connect with like-minded individuals on similar journeys.

Customization: Tailored sessions to fit your event’s unique needs.

Want to include BeMo as a class or have a guided BeMo journaling session at your next even or retreat? Connect with us using the form below.


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