Wrapping Up 2022 With Love & Gratitude

Wrapping Up 2022 With Love & Gratitude - BeMo Journal

Wrapping up 2022, I feel incredibly overwhelmed and blessed to be the Creative Founder of BeMo. That role gives me direct insight into the impact BeMo has had on many lives. As a result, I have so many feelings! I absolutely need to refer to my BeMo Feelings Wheel to highlight them all. I feel empowered, impactful, outstanding, seen, and optimistic — to name a few.

Let me start with a highlight of this journey – for BeMo and me. Then I will talk about where BeMo plans to go in the New Year.

First, the BeMo pocket guide isn’t shy to explain that feeling funky can be both good and bad. Today, I will work through my FUNCK-E to express how putting positivity into words helps solidify safe memories of joy and celebration.

I feel empowered by the stories, needs, and purpose being shared with me by new BeMo journalers. I hope for the impact BeMo will continue to have on you and others as a result of your feedback. I feel outstanding and seen after putting so much hard, vulnerable work into creating this product. I feel optimistic about the future of BeMo.

A note to YOU: [BeMo Journalers] are such powerful, unique people. You have everything inside of you to be everything you hope to be for yourself. You were born worthy and capable of the growth you choose. You have been the light of my entire career. Thank you for allowing me to share myself with you and help you BeMo about it!

My need to belong to a community of passionate, hopeful people has been met. My need for honesty, knowledge, and information has been met. Thank you.

To continue meeting these needs, I can honor BeMo journalers by providing more guidance and valuable tools to stay committed to your healing journey.

I know the creation of BeMo guides and journals has already been a complete, worthwhile journey of love and hope for me because it has impacted just one life beyond my own and that… is everything. Thank you.

Compassion for Others
I have heard and read so many struggles from current BeMo journalers – choosing to end a career and do life differently; choosing to end a marriage and live life differently; choosing to take a moment between both jobs and relationships to regroup with intention; feeling your way through a lack of changes you expected to experience; starting a family; working to overcome traumas from childhood; wanting to be a more mindful parent. I am sending you a full heart of love, kindness, hope, and sheer bravery.


I have been challenged with and experienced the rollercoaster of joy and despair that comes with any passion project. I am proud of myself for allowing myself to feel all of that journey and get better at moving through it.  

Below – then, now, and future – are so many more positives for BeMo Journals.  Let’s dive in.


The BeMo journey began for me at the start of 2020 and quickly became something I shared with people near and dear to me. After years of my own BeMo practice and studying self-help and psychology books, I created a BeMo MVP (minimum viable product).

In late February of this year, I realized this is bigger than I am. The BeMo practice had saved my life and given me the safety and space I needed to grow immensely… and finally!

With all the compassion my BeMo practice had taught me, I felt the bravery required to want to share BeMo as a gift to others who may need it as much as I certainly have. When I made that decision, I had no idea how to create a physical product. Product prototyping? Manufacturing speak (RFQ, MOQ, say what)? The entire process was foreign to me. I have been incredibly blessed to be able to dedicate my time to learning it all, and boy, did that process require a lot of BeMo breakdowns. I had some FUNCK-E times for sure.


Today, the BeMo Journal is available in 12 countries – Canada, Japan, the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden – with an Earth-conscious print-on-demand service.

Our 2022 Winter Edition BeMo Journals sell on Instagram, Facebook, Etsy, and Amazon. BeMo has also partnered with WeGotYouBoo.com for their “for women, by women” social hub and store.

BeMo has printed and donated over 50 BeMo Basic Journals, Pocket Guides, and Renurturing Guides. We believe in the BOHO (Buy One, Help One) concept that everyone should have access to affordable mental health tools.

Part of what leaves me feeling overwhelmingly blessed today is having read through our latest survey results. I would not be here today without my BeMo practice, which has prepared me for this vulnerable moment. I have felt the full spectrum of the BeMo feelings wheel as I hear the stories you shared with me. I beam with hope for each of you as you share how BeMo has changed your life right out of the box. Your words mean everything to me, BeMo, and the future of many who will brave their own healing process.

Last but not least, I have completed the second draft of the BeMo Practice book.   The book not only teaches and describes the BeMo process, but it also talks about the Psychology behind the practice, why it works, what to do with it, and my personal journey that led me to create this practice for myself.

Here are just a few of the words I read about BeMo this week:

“Thank you for letting me be part of this process and for introducing me to something I wish I had in my life before now!”

“I think this is a great tool, and I think it can support a lot of individuals in working through belief systems. Thank you!”

Here are a few words you’ve shared about why you BeMo:

“It’s not often I feel the relief and emotions that BeMo has helped me discover so far. I’m recommending it to my spouse.”

“I think it’s a good product that is helpful in gaining a better understanding of myself, my feelings, and my thoughts.”

Imagined Future

To continue with one of my favorite BeMo Extra topics, this is the Imagined Future I have for BeMo. For those familiar with the BeMo Extra practice, it is essential to write in the present tense, even for dreams yet to come. So, here we go…

BeMo began the year iterating for a final print edition of a full suite of BeMo products available in time for Mental Health Awareness Month. New, luxury lay-flat journals, guides, bookmarks, stickers, and more had a strong debut that allowed BeMo to continue impacting the lives of many who need help with their overall mental health. The BOHO (buy one, help one) program allowed us to donate over 1,000 journals to those who cannot afford their own mental health services.

The BeMo Practice book has been published as an instant hit to BeMo hopefuls and beginners.

The BeMo website now has a self-help forum, a series of on-demand courses, and downloadable tools available to BeMo Subscribers.

We end the year hard at work on the next book in the BeMo series and a handful of products for children, teens, and planners.

We are grateful to you whether then, now, or in the future!

Thank you for being on this journey with me. Wishing you and yours comfort in joy and hope in the New Year.

With loving kindness,

Cassandra Stark

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