Positives Example: Celebrating The Human-Being Not The Human-Doing

Positives Example: Celebrating The Human-Being Not The Human-Doing - BeMo Journal

There is no wrong way to practice what is positive for you in your life at this moment. However, you can use this Positives Example to put your Positives List to work for you by letting go of the “to-done” list of everything you got done that day and instead using that same concept to recognize what it is that “doing” helped you to “be.”

Best Practices

Use your Positives list to celebrate the needs you were able to meet for yourself and the growth you have achieved throughout your journey of self-reflection and awareness.

Positives Example

I felt so much relief this morning and was able to start the day on a motivated foot because I naturally woke up before my alarm.

I am grateful that I showed up for myself by winding down for bed early, turning off the TV, working through my BeMo journal, and reading a good book because doing that for the hours before bed helped me wind down into a sound, restful sleep which made all the difference in my morning!

I felt so nourished and supported by taking the time to make myself a healthy breakfast that sustained me throughout the day. It was delicious! I can’t wait to make more of that good Paleo granola to snack. It is super great. I am happy I take the time to make these things for myself.

I get to go for a run to drive energy and pound the pavement, working through any overwhelming thoughts and worries I have about projects I am working on. It is really helpful. I was able to get away from my desk and get some more creative ideas flowing for my next project!

Because I was well rested, nourished, and motivated, I spent more time hanging out with my dog. I was able to close my laptop early and take him to the dog park to play. He really is the cutest! I am so lucky we found each other.

I am grateful to wrap up the week with much more insight into where my business is headed and what I can do to take us in a positive direction. I am proud of myself for overcoming the feeling of constant failure to recognize instead that these aren’t failures – these are iterations that are taking us places. I am so grateful to have all this information and be able to move forward with choices even when they feel tough to make. I am doing it!

Learn how to do this and why this works by reading the expanded article (here) on putting Positives to work for you.

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