Feelings Your Way Through Graduation: Unleashing Your Potential and Overcoming Post-Graduation Blues

FUNCKing Graduation: Unleashing Your Potential and Overcoming Post-Graduation Blues - BeMo Journal

Graduation—a moment of triumph, a gateway to new possibilities. But what happens when the euphoria fades, and you find yourself unexpectedly drifting into a sea of uncertainty and melancholy? We understand that the post-graduation period can sometimes bring forth unexpected emotions, including the daunting specter of depression. In this blog post, we delve into the concept of FUNCKing Graduation—a transformative process that combines self-reflection, empowerment, and understanding—to help you navigate the transition and find renewed purpose amidst the shadows.

At the center of The BeMo Practice is our tried-and-true FUNCK-E step. Let’s go over each section of FUNCK and what it may mean for you. Then let’s work through a FUNCK example together.

Step 1: F – Embracing the Lows

Graduation can be a rollercoaster of emotions, and it’s essential to acknowledge the full spectrum of your feelings. Sometimes, the euphoria subsides, and a sense of emptiness or melancholy takes its place. It’s okay to experience these emotions. Take a moment to sit with them, allowing yourself to process the weight of change and uncertainty. Remember that you are not alone in this journey, and seeking support from loved ones or professionals can be an invaluable source of strength.

Step 2: U – A Note of Compassion

Imagine being your own best friend, providing the understanding and compassion you need during this challenging period. Write a heartfelt note to yourself, reminding you of your worth and resilience. Let the words on the page be a beacon of light, acknowledging the heaviness you may be carrying while inspiring you to forge ahead. Be gentle with yourself, recognizing that it’s okay to stumble and that growth often emerges from moments of darkness.

Step 3: N – Honoring Your Well-Being

In the midst of the uncertainties that follow graduation, it's essential to focus on your well-being. Take a moment to reflect on both your tangible and emotional needs. Do you feel like you need a break to recharge and gain clarity? Identify these needs and challenge any beliefs that suggest you must do more.

Post-graduation often brings feelings of pressure and self-blame, but remember, you're a human being, not just a human doing.

Whether you're feeling frozen by decision or overwhelmed by choice, reevaluating your relationship with productivity and obligation is key to moving forward in how to make more authentic and empowered decisions for yourself and about your life. By acknowledging your needs and seeking support, you'll take a significant step toward restoring balance and finding your path forward.

Step 4: C – Exploring Possibilities with Empowerment

Even in the depths of “what now” depression, as you’re challenged with an unfamiliar space of no homework and no more classes, there are possibilities waiting to be discovered. Allow yourself to explore potential paths, careers, or opportunities that align with your passions and interests. Keyword: Align.

While it may feel challenging to envision a brighter future, practice formulating “Can” statements that highlight your abilities and strengths.

Remind yourself that you possess the power to overcome obstacles, and with time and effort, you can forge a new path toward fulfillment and success.

Step 5: K – Harnessing Your Inner Resilience

In moments of depression, it’s easy to forget the resilience and knowledge you’ve gained throughout your academic journey. Take a step back and recognize the achievements and experiences that have shaped you into the person you are today. Remember that you have overcome challenges before and possess the inner strength to confront the hurdles that lie ahead. Ground yourself in the wisdom you’ve acquired and trust in your ability to rise above the shadows.

Graduation Example

I’ve been there. As I graduated from my undergrad, the “what now” reality was so overwhelming that I did what many students do, and I immediately signed up for a Post-Graduate degree. I didn’t even stop to think. I found many justifications for never taking a break, but at the core, the lack of a break was entirely centered around my fear of feeling my feelings. As a result, I did not learn or retain as much as I wish I had about the overall college experience – not just words in books, but the experience of friends and bleary nights of studying.

Tapping into how I felt when I graduated and having worked with many students in their own FUNCK-E state, here is an example we’ve comprised that you may be able to relate to.

F I feel overwhelmed and relieved at the same time. I feel so happy that I don’t have to turn in a paper every again or study for a final, but I also feel overwhelmed and maybe a little out of control because I’ve spent my whole life in school, and I don’t know what to do now. I feel a little lonely not seeing people every day. And I don’t feel comfortable hanging out at home, and it feels like I’ve gone backward to find myself at home again. I feel nervous and excited to start a career. I feel a lot of pressure to ensure I don’t screw it up, and I worry about waking up so early and staying active all day. The territory feels unfamiliar. I haven’t had to do anything 8 to 5 before.

U Dang. That honestly sounds scary, but I am excited for you. There was a time you don’t remember being nervous about going to school because it was new to you. You’ve been through a lot of challenging, unfamiliar things, and you will make the most of this time. I am so excited for you and the future that you chose.

N I need certainty in my future. I need freedom. I need boundaries. I need to be seen and heard. I need confidence.

C For certainty, freedom, boundaries, seen, heard, and confidence…

  • I can take a VIA Character Profile Values quiz to understand my values and the type of careers that align with me.
  • I can establish a routine I feel excited about that will give me more certainty in my days.
  • I can use my BeMo to self-reflect and set intentional, needs-based goals to create a future of freedom and purpose.
  • I can establish healthy boundaries with my time and practice keeping them as I search for and establish a new career so that I can protect my well-being and prioritize self-care.
  • I can join supportive communities and networks to feel seen, heard, and validated on my path.
  • I can invest in personal development and acquire new skills to boost my confidence and pave the way for success.

K I know I have adjusted to many classes and even assignments that I wasn’t sure of throughout my life, and I ended up being ok with them. I know that, in some ways, this is just another assignment – something to learn about and understand from different angles and I am willing to take this as a learning opportunity. I know I have people who will support me in the transition. I know I can be clear about fulfilling a need for supported certainty and let others know that telling me how hard adult life is or how relentless a career is will not be helpful.

While the post-graduation period may usher in unexpected emotions and challenges, embracing the FUNCKing Graduation approach can provide a framework for self-reflection, empowerment, and growth. Acknowledge your feelings, extend compassion to yourself, honor your needs, explore possibilities with an empowered mindset, and harness your inner resilience. Remember, it’s not uncommon to fall into a temporary state of depression after graduation, but by embracing your strengths and seeking support, you can rekindle the flame of hope and embark on a new chapter filled with purpose and fulfillment.

If you don’t already have a BeMo Journal, graduation is a fantastic time to start your self-awareness journey. Use this self-therapy structure to approach life with an understanding of voicing and communicating your Needs and you will find resilience in your ability to get through anything! 

Congratulations on your achievement, and may your journey beyond graduation be one of self-discovery and resilience.

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