FUNCK Example: A Case of the Mondays

FUNCK Example: A Case of the Mondays - BeMo Journal

FUNCK Example

Let’s work through the FUNCK of this BeMo writer’s difficult Monday.  This is a real example of a BeMo FUNCK practice with details removed for user privacy.  Want to share your FUNCK?  Follow #BeMoJo on social and sign up to BeMO In The Know for Community announcements.


I feel incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated when I work very hard and can’t quite reach a milestone or satisfying stopping point.

I feel stressed and worried because Monday is over – a day I usually get the most done – and tomorrow is virtually a last chance to make progress for the week because I am tied up for days after that.

I feel bad because I need to do more to play with the dog and go out for longer walks, so I will owe him extra love and attention to make up for how busy I am.

I feel worried that I will burn out and get very moody, mean, and annoyed over the week. I feel afraid I will not have the stamina for a social weekend out with friends for plans I’ve already committed to.


You did a great job today having the right perspective and point of view about being grateful to discover these things now. Everything you’ve learned will come in useful, I am sure. No matter what you’re learning, you know what you’re trying to do. That’s important! You are doing your best to keep it simple and focused. You will get there. You pushed through similar setups with similar pain, and in the end, it was done so well, to such perfect precisions that you were able to step away from it and let it work for you. There’s no evidence that this project is any different. You will get through it, and it will work for you!

BS (belief system) Checkup:

When I scan over my paragraph of feelings, I see: “I really need to do more… help take care of… owe him… love… burnout… can’t.” So, let’s unwind this BS to discover what the unmet needs are that are causing this BS to overwhelm me.

Click here to read more about unearthing BS (belief systems).


I need help and information to better understand my options with the project I am working on and know the right things to integrate.


I can realize that clicking around furiously won’t get me anywhere faster.
I can meditate, do a light yoga session, walk the dog, etc., to get away when I feel frazzled and caught in it.

I can back up, simplify things, do some tests, and do what it takes only for that particular task so I do not get lost in the big picture or an expectation of perfection.

I can set an intention to complete one thing and focus on only that task. No more.

I can drop the storyline – I don’t need to do more. I don’t need to do any of it. I get to choose what I work on. I get to take the dog on walks, play with him, and love him. I get to work hard on what matters to me. I get to choose how hard I work. I get to choose what matters to me.


I know this is a major battle for me, and I am winning it! Take that Monday!

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