BeMo Blossoms: Spring 2024 Update

BeMo Blossoms: Spring 2024 Update

As we embrace the blossoming of spring, we're delighted to share some exciting updates from BeMo. Just like the flowers in bloom, our community is thriving and growing.

Here's a peek at what's been blossoming at BeMo.


Nurturing New Products in the BeMo Boutique

We've been busy nurturing our product offerings in the BeMo Boutique, with the addition of handcrafted aromatherapy and essential oil products designed to enhance your self-care rituals. It's the perfect time to explore new ways to nurture your well-being as we welcome the season of growth.


Spring Selections for Your Senses

Indulge in our expanded line of coffees, teas, and chocolates, carefully curated to awaken your senses and celebrate the vibrancy of Spring. From Peppermint Marshmallow bites to berry-infused delights, there's something to tantalize every taste bud.


Planting Seeds of Inspiration for new Graduates

As we celebrate the growth and achievements of graduates, consider gifting the transformative power of BeMo. Our journals and self-care products are the perfect way to plant seeds of inspiration and support the next chapter in their journey.

For new graduates embarking on their next chapter, our Starter Kit includes essentials like the BeMo Balance notepad for balancing self-care with studies, new pens for class, a feelings and needs bookmark to navigate life's ups and downs, and a BeMo Journal to guide them through the transformative FUNCK process. 

Build your very own BeMo Starter Kit on The BeMo Journal product page here.


Nurturing Blooms of Gratitude for Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother's Day with BeMo and show your appreciation for the nurturing mothers in your life.

Our collection of thoughtful and transformative products is the perfect way to honor and pamper them. From our handcrafted aromatherapy essences to our indulgent chocolates and teas, each item in the BeMo Boutique is designed to provide moments of relaxation and self-care.

Consider gifting a BeMo Journal, a sanctuary for reflection and personal growth, or create a custom BeMo Starter Kit tailored to her preferences.

Let BeMo help you express your gratitude and love this Mother's Day, reminding her that she deserves moments of peace, joy, and self-discovery.

Blooming Collaborations

We recently attended the Lume x BeMo event, where we immersed ourselves in the rhythms and rituals of spring amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a gathering of inspiring women, and we left feeling energized and uplifted. 

Read these heart-capturing recaps of this transformative event here:

Learn more about Lume Events and Retreats by visiting their website here.


Additionally, we are thrilled to be part of Victoria Bravo's Functional Nutrition Program - sold and featured as part of her Functional Nutrition Practice in South Florida. We feel honored to be featured in MSN alongside Victoria and could not be more proud of her accomplishments and honored to join her journey personally and as a practitioner.


Cultivating Connections

Going, going, going, gone!  Our Journals are hot items.  One of our goals for 2024 was to begin establishing wholesale relationships.  We're happy to say that collaborating with likeminded retail stores has been easy!  We're thrilled to announce that BeMo has entered our first wholesale agreement, allowing us to cultivate new connections and reach even more individuals seeking growth and self-discovery.  BeMo will be making its way to Colorado before we close out our first quarter of 2024.  We are so pleased!


Spring Workshops and Retreats

Workshops, speaking events, and retreats, oh my!!!! 

BeMo will be at In Goop Health Summit

When: April 20, 2024  Where: San Diego, CA

Join us at the Park Hyatt in Carlsbad, CA during the 2024 In Goop Health Summit for a fireside journaling session Saturday evening - from the Park Hyatt's front courtyard.  

Flowers By You x BeMo | Recognize What You're Growing Through Workshop

When: April 27, 2024  Where: Park City, Utah

Join us for our upcoming journaling workshop series with Flowers by You Park City, where we'll be cultivating creativity and connection through guided journaling and floral arranging.  For full details on this event, visit our event page here.

Victoria Bravo Wellness x BeMo | Go With Your Gut Retreat

When: May  Where: Miami Area, Florida

Stay tuned for details on our upcoming holistic wellness retreat in the Miami area and other springtime events.

As the world awakens to the beauty of spring, we invite you to join us in embracing growth, renewal, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Thank you for being a vital part of the BeMo community as we continue to blossom together.

Warmest wishes,
The BeMo Team

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BeMo Blossoms: Spring 2024 Update

BeMo Blossoms: Spring 2024 Update

Discover the spring updates from BeMo! Explore new aromatherapy products, indulge in our expanded line of coffees, teas, and chocolates, and celebrate graduates with our transformative BeMo Starter Kit. Join...